Hey stars!
So I want to travel the world, but for today's challenge, I've made a list of my top 5 places I want to visit

1) England

london, Big Ben, and city image london, river, and london eye image london, red, and trip image london image
Home of Harry Potter, and I love the way the British accent sounds.

2) Paris

paris, ring, and couple image paris image Image by n u r i j a ♡ girl, travel, and city image
City of love and the home of Miraculous

3) New York

city, new york, and travel image bridge, travel, and city image map, new york, and aesthetic image city, travel, and building image

4) Germany

berlin, cant wait, and countdown image Image by s. 👼🏼 germany and berlin image berlin and travel image
I'm 50% German so I'd love to visit, plus I partly understand the language

5) Venice

Image removed adventure, cool, and dress image Image removed travel, venice, and italy image
So this one might be number one. It's my dream to ride a water taxi! My grandparents went 2 years ago and it looked so fantasic!

This list was in no particular order
Stay Curious!