that was the year we met. the year we started going to school. the year i sat alone because i was too shy to communicate with anyone, you both changed that. you guys walked over to me and sat and ate lunch with me. you made my first year of school amazing. you both made sure we had recess together and played in the sandbox. i remember giving you guys colored frogs; one of you got a purple one and the other got a pink one. i never got anything in return. i'm not complaining, but it sure seemed like you guys didn't care for the gifts, as i saw them the next day in the sand box.


that was the year my brother passed, only one of you truly cared and texted me every night to make sure i was doing good. i didn't like expressing my feelings, especially because everyone in our grade was very judgemental at the age of 11. eventually you both started caring more and more about me, as i told you i had been diagnosed with depression. you guys cared less then i cared. you would go out together and not invite me. why? was it because i was "too sad"?

the year i finally let you both go. i saw the stares. i heard the rumors. you both never cared about me. you'd act like it, because i'd spoil you both on christmas and birthdays. you never gave me presents. you both went out, never caring to ask me to join. you seemed to have fun together and then you'd go back to school and talk all about it to me.

thank you for teaching ne the rights from wrongs. thank you for always showing me that even though i may think someone is my friend, they may not be. thank you for treating me nicely, even if i wasn't a friend to you.

i loved and cared for you both.

~ monica