Here I am next to you,
I don't know what to do

Your scent engulfs my lungs,
Your laugh is contagious

I feel like I'm on fire,
You have no idea

We catch each other's eyes,
My pupils are half their normal size

When I'm next to you,
I no longer feel dead inside

My heart is beating ever so fast,
I really hope these feelings last

All I want is you,
Let us both forget about the past

I'll be your queen,
You'll be my king

We can have a love so strong,
We won't have to worry about anything

All this could be happening,
All because you are right here next to me

I had a very good day cause my crush sat next to me at lunch and we were laughing together and it was the best thing that's happened in a long time between us. Of course your girl had to write a poem about it. I hope you enjoy! 💜