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This article will be ''How having a relaxing day?''
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make u a ''girly'' bath time xoxo
-Make you a bath, is so relaxing for the mind, for the health and your body so why not do it? you can also put some bath bomb, bubbles and flowers on it!
***the flowers must be made for that!***

bath aesthetic girl bath

made you some of ur special meals
enjoy the day to eat and prepare some of your favorite foods
it is not a task, it is?
-no! it's so nice to do it!
-me, I specially do that the week-end!

delicious food blueberry chocolate

explore your city
explore ur city! you don't know but your city is filled of special and
interesting things!

eiffel tower bridge city city

call ur friends and have they're company!
enojoy this day with the company of ur friends can be even better, so do something that pleases everyone and do it!

best friends Superthumb Superthumb best friends

contact with nature
If you live in a big city, take the time to relax and a the same times have contact with the nature, breath fresh air --> what we don't do daily but It's important to do it! you can go to a park and enjoy biking and picniking!

Central Park autumn beauty city

prepare a party
be with ur friends, prepare a party with a lot of drinks, food, balloons and more. Relaxing is also have fun so, there's the best idea to have fun and relaxing at the same times!

fun best friends Superthumb Superthumb

finish the week with a party with all ur friends
-did you know how?
-there is my article to know made ur own party!

go check it out!

go to festivals
This activitie is nice to go with ur friends, again.
there's a lot of festivals that you can see, different categories!
-hot-air balloon
-beer festivals
-music festivals
maybe I'll do an article about festivals!

Superthumb Superthumb boy best friends

spa day
A relaxing day is great for doing a spa at home and takes care of yourself! prepare some mask, skin care and more!
you can also go to a real spa but you need to move there, pay and everything!

Superthumb article cindy crawford aesthetic

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