I've never really liked black cats, I don't know why, probably because of all 'bad luck' things, but then, around three years ago, my family adopted a black cat from our family friends. It's not completely black, it has a little white mark under head/neck.
I picked a name, and even though some may find it really strange, I actually love it.

animals, black cats, and meet my cat image
His name is Dimitri and he looks a lot like this (his white mark is bigger)

Many people still think black cats bring 'bad luck', but trust me, he brought nothing but happines and joy into our house and we all love him very much.
Here are some reasons why black cats are actually the best:

1. Black cats actually live longer
It's believe they have stronger immune system, but science isn't exactly sure why they live longer than cats of different colors.

2. Love and luck
Japanese people believe that a black cat is a good luck for single women. Black cats are also lucky in Japan.

3. Grey hairs
As black cats ages, they get grey hair, just like people.
Now tell me this isn't just adorable.

4. Related to black panthers
Black cats are distantly related to black panthers, who are revered by all cultures for their magical spirit and stunning looks.

5. Richest cat on Earth...
13 million. That's how much the richest cat on Earth was left in a will. What color was that cat? Black of course.

6. Ancient Egypt
Egyptians believed hosting a black cat would bring the favor of goddes of protection.

7. Ships' cats
Black cats were chosen to be ships' cats because their luck would protect sailors.

8. Black cat appreciation day
Yes. Black cats have their own appreciation day. 17 August.

9. Cleaning
They are terrific at picking up cobwebs and dust in their whiskers and face (proven by my cat...)

10. People who own black cats are smarter and better looking
Enough said.