We take a lot of things for granted in life,
you truly know how much they're worth only after you've lost them.
You and I both often do not realise the value of what we have until it's been taken away or tested against us..

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The reason I am writing this article actually, I have been sick, and still am recovering slowly; my body still aches, it hasn't been anything serious thankfully, but you know when you are sick you tend to exaggerate things a bit and well...I felt like I was gonna die but hey here I am! ( that definitely isn't something to joke about I am sorry I will stop.. )

Anywho, while I was bedridden, naturally I was thinking about all the times when I was healthy and could fall asleep as I wasn't able to do even that,,
I was also praying with all my heart for my pain to be eased, and thought of all the sick kids who can't hope of that..

One more thing that had come to mind was how all of my worries suddenly didn't matter.. stressing about my second semester or worrying about all kinds of things.. none of them mattered at all.

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I truly hope that we don't only realise these things when we fall ill..
So let's take a moment to reflect upon our blessings! ♡


obviously, right...but I feel that we can't ever be grateful enough for our youth, and health, even with whatever imperfections you may have, rather than that, think about what you do have and let's be thankful for every breath, and let's take care of ourselves as best we can!

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I have mentioned this before and I will say it again; if you feel like they don't understand or support you, forever know your family will always be there for you and that they're always looking out for you, and yes even your annoying siblings, just imagine life without them,,, yeah nope, so just bear with them, know they'll always have your back when you really need it!

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It is very sad and unfortunate what the world has come to..
You've probably seen or heard about it, it's a very scary time we live in..
Compared to all that, we are living in peace, and that is something I hope we will always be conscious about, that we do not live in fear for our lives, it could've been you or me, so always try to take a moment to reflect over this, just take a moment and think about these peaceful, uneventful, boring days, and be grateful for them.

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Okay that is it.. I apologize if this turned out too serious or grim,,
Of course there are loads other thing we oughta be grateful for and I'm leaving that to you; have your own moment of reflection!

It's okay if we sometimes forget; as long as we always try to remember.

Have a very wonderful morning/evening/night!