I just got a polaroid camera and I have made a list of some photos I want to get!

This could be a inspiration-list for polaroids but you can use it for regular photos too, ofc.

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1. my record player

pink, music, and aesthetic image aesthetic and music image

2. palmtrees

beautiful, beauty, and blue image beach, goals, and Miami image

3. me & my friends with our suitcases

friends, travel, and bff image girl, friends, and travel image girl, friends, and travel image girl and travel image
me and two of my best friends are going travelling this summer, that's why this is on the list

4. partying

Abusive image best friends, black, and blonde image Image removed grunge, friends, and night image
to remember my youth

5. drinks with tiny umberellas

summer, beach, and drink image beach, drinks, and explore image
it's necessary when you're traveling

6. my halloween costume

girl and Halloween image Image by mermaid
because I love halloween

7. at the beach

abs, beach, and belly image summer, girl, and beach image beach, summer, and girl image beach, cool, and friends image

8. roadtrip

boy, car, and drive image adventure, audi, and cars image

9. the sunrise

city, sunset, and sun image beautiful, orange, and sunrise image

10. thrift shopping

colors, fun, and loud image blonde, hair, and jackets image
just to be able to call myself a true hipster

11. me & my dog

girl, dog, and animals image hailey baldwin, dog, and beauty image

12. new tattoo

beautiful, leaf, and rose image Abusive image
my very best friend and I are getting matching tattoos this year

13. my 18th birthday

18, burgundy, and dress image hailey baldwin, 18, and birthday image

14. me in a beret

balcony, beret, and fashion image accessories, beret, and fashion image
it'd be so cute

15. our christmas tree

bangs, christmas, and nightlife image Image by Vio
I need a christmas polaroid

Hope u enjoyed mate!