To The Boy I Should Not Like,
Remember, Do you remember back in fourth grade when we met? We met through, "Badass Boxer". You and I would always call him that when we stopped being friends with him. He thought he was such a badass. Remember, when we lost contacted for 3 years. Then, suddenly one day you added me on snapchat.
I looked at your story and I saw my best friend as your 11:11. My heart ached. Then, you texted me saying "hey bucko". I was very happy and replied with. "Howdy Partner". You didn't know it was me. I knew because you replied with "?". You didn't remember me at all so I didn't say anything. A couple weeks later, I found out you asked out my best friend and she said yes. My heart broke a little more. Then, you and I started becoming close again. You still didn't know it was me. We started talking about Big Time Rush. One night you told me to go to sleep and not open the snapchat you were going to send me till the next morning. I was nosey af and couldn't wait so I opened it. It was a big long message of you telling me it's very wrong to do because you have a girlfriend but, that you like me. I admitted that I liked you back. I told my grandma because I told her everything and she told my mom. My mom forbid me to like you. She told me to stop talking to you. But, I didn't that's what got us here in the first place. You told me to listen to this one song and it became our song. At my birthday we accidentally kissed. Your girlfriend didn't see. I smashed a cupcake on your face. I accidentally made your girlfriend angry. She almost found out that we liked each other. You were the last one to leave that night. We were sitting on the bench outside the area I had my party. You moved closer to me and grabbed my hand. I leaned my head on your shoulder. Not thinking anything about your girlfriend. You played our song. You laid you head in my lap and I played with your hair. I remember when, You looked up to me and smiled. Then you started laughing. I asked what you were laughing about. You said "I'm laughing because you look like you have a double chin from this angle." But you said I still looked beautiful. Then, your mom showed up. You hugged me for about 5 minutes. You were really warm and I was super cold. I won't ever forget that night. Then, your girlfriend found out. It was a disaster. She didn't blame you she blamed me. I was supposed to be one of her best friends but supposedly went behind her back and told everyone I made out with you. But, when I told you. You didn't believe me you were mad at me. Then you blocked me. A couple days ago, you added me back on everything besides snapchat. I texted you about my sob fest about Hawaii Five-O. You laughed a me. Your girlfriend still hates me but I still love you.
I still love you David.