Good morning hearters

As some of you know my name is Isis, on the last days of december I decided to break up with my boyfriend of 5 years, I realized that I was part of a toxic relationship, since that day I wanted to focus on myself and grow as a person, regain the control of my emotions and my life, rediscovering the joy of being alive and work to be my own source of happiness.

I've never been fond of talking about my perspectives on life, nor giving advice for two reasons:

1) People can be very defensive even when you are not telling them what to do nor how to act

2) I don't consider myself a role model in any way wich is fine because I didn't come to this world but to live my life for myself and be happy being who I trully am

I'm currently 23 years old and now I believe that letting people live their life as they please and being their for when they need it is a better way to support your loved ones instead of constantly telling them what to do, mistakes are a part of life, mistakes make us grow and learn, that doesn't mean we have to stop fighting to become a better version of ourselves.

Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I realized that sometimes we suffer because we can't tell things appart, I'm in the process of learning to tell things appart from each other, so join me if you'd like to :)

*These are just my reflections, in no way I'm trying to impose my way of thinking nor telling you how to think nor live your life, read, meditate, take what you like, come to your own conclussions and grow in your own direction ✿❀❁✽❀

Lets learn the difference between...

  • Love & Desire

In english you don't have this, but in spanish there is a difference between types of love : Amar (the selfless act of love) & Querer (wanting someone)

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When we love we love the person for who they are not for what they give us, we love them with no limits no expiration date, when we want someone we want to be with them but little by little we take their freedom away, jealousy comes in and toxic relationships, dependency happen
  • Pride & Dignity
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When people decide to move on, many will try to beg you to stay, we need to respect others decisions and we have to respect ourselves, allowing us to move on as well , is not a matter of pride but an act of dignity and selflove on the other hand never do things out of spite thats your pride talking, focus only on yourself
  • Self-love & Vanity
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Self- love is imo one of the most important things in life, when we believe we are worthy and beautiful we love ourselves when we believe we are better than others or put others down is just a way to show how insecure we trully are
  • Confidence & Cockyness
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A person with confidence believes in their self but is open to grow and learn + they only strive to be a better version of themselves , people that are cocky are over confident in some way but insecure since they tend to compete and compare themselves with others
  • Being Gentle & Being a pushover
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A person that is gentle is kind at heart and is able to forgive, they never seek to harm others but remember to not let others harm you, you are equally deserving of compassion
  • Being Humble & Being insecure
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This bothers me, so many people confuse these terms, when someone compliments your looks, your personality, your work, anything... accept that compliment and be grateful, dont feel ashamed nor feel like you don't deserve that compliment, have confidence in yourself being humble doesn't mean being insecure, know your worth by loving who you are, being humble is about remembering your roots and being respectful of others, not thinking you are above them in any way
  • Maturity & Hipocresy

Another term wich gets confused a lot, nobody likes a hypocrite but some people seem to not quite get it and just go around hating and with this weird teen angst,

You don't like someone but you have to work in a team with them so you treat them nicely and with respect , this is maturity

You don't like someone and talk s*** about them all the time but *you*¨reach out to them faking that you like them, this is hypocresy

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With time you'll realize, adults are not "fake" , they are mature, mature people know very well that not liking someone is in no way reason for you to be rude, hate, or anything of that nature, if you don't like someone just walk away and if by some fate you cross their way remember to be respectful
  • Being by yourself & Being Lonely
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This trully is a scary and tricky one, because of my current situation I tend to confuse these, I've reach out to many people, and one of them told me that feeling lonely is when you are sorounded by people and you feel like you don't belong or can't connect with anyone, remember that if you are single that doesn't mean that you are alone and remember that being in a relationship doesn't mean you can't feel lonely, loneliness sticks to our heart, not by our side

So... there it is people! things that I have to remember always, hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful in some way

Hope you have a wonderful day ✽❀

- K.L