Hello!! My name is Angela and a couple days ago, wandering in this beautiful app, I found something called #ThisIsMeChallenge and can't to wait to do it, hope u like it. Enjoy!

1. Style

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I am a person who loves fashion and admires people who can wear any style of clothing and look amazing. However, I can define my own style as sporty, quite relaxed and youthful, but without losing the good taste for clothes. My favorite clothing brands are Nike and Adidas; I love tiny tattoos.
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2. Color

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I love the colors that give a little life to the landscapes, drawings, clothes and more. That's why green is my favorite, besides being the color of our mother nature. Use a little green in your everyday life and you will notice a beautiful difference.

3. Passions

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My passions are divided into: Learning a new language by myself, listening and knowing new music, writing and keeping all memories in photographs, the warm and relaxing places.

4. Animals

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I am a woman who loves animals, in fact my dream is to create a nice refuge for them. But undoubtedly, dogs are my great weakness, especially golden retrievers

5. Food

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In general, I like all food, all kinds, but my favorites are the bbq wings, the sushi and drinks, coke and beer

6. Personality

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Do you know Rapunzel? Well, I can identify myslef with her, in a slightly more modern version. I am someone who at the beginning is someone shy, who fears the unknown but at the same time feels a great need to know everything around him. I give my heart easily, I am friendly, I like to make friends wherever I go and have a nice memory of every moment I live. I like to write and draw.

7. Dreams and goals

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Travel and if is possible, live in New Orleans, meet the love of my life, learn every day to love myself a little more and money to fulfill my purpose of building a refuge for abandoned animals.

8. Books

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Percy Jackson, Twilight and Narnia

9. Movies and Series

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Vampire Diaries, Vikings, Gossip Girl and The walking dead.

10. Life Style

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I want to receive and give the best that life has prepared for me

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