Hey, before I start I want to say, that I don't want anyone to get hurt or to get mad. I'm just writing my anger out. Thank you for spending your time reading this.
P.S. I am bad at english, because it's not my first language, so excuse me for my mistakes.

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Let's just start by saying that people make bad decisions. OK we make mistakes, but people could at least try to not include other people in their mistakes, because sometimes they just hide behind the people they love and expect them to make decisions for them or fix their mess and that's where an argument starts.
Next thing is that people are bad at admitting that it's their fault at something. I mean if you made a mistake it's OK as long as you admit it, but if you blame someone else you're just a coward hiding behind someone hoping that it will fix by itself.
If you miss someone that you had an argument with get your principles down and call him/her. don't just say ''I want to, but I wont".
Don't shout for no reason or just a little argument. You know an argument starts 10% because of opinions not getting along and 90% because of a bad tone. So just keep your voice down next time you're in an argument, maybe it could save your day.
So I can clearly say that I hate people. :)