It was my first time to visite Disneyland in Paris. I went with my family. It was so amazing , another world that I wished it was all true Lol .The fact about this day is that I met a guy there , well not really let's say it was a beautiful coincidence because we came across everywhere.
It's been like 2 years ago and I can still remember his blue eyes OMG , btw he is french, you know french guys .. In a moment , I was with my little cousin waiting on the line to go in that Hollywood Tower, and we were so close to him , he was with his sister I guess ; Yeah ! because they looked like each other , we just kept looking at each other like we hadnt any chance to open a conversation I felt that he wanted to talk to me too, so my lil cousin started playing around him and I told him too stop , then he talked to me he said in french '' it's okay " and he smiled omg I can tell you guys that my heart was just beating so fast, I mean he was soo cute, sweet and HOT , I wish I could meet him again :) ( yea only in my dreams ).
Girls , I know this happen to all of us and probably everyday ahaha , we fall in love 5 times a day but we dont meet them again -_- .