The moon means many different things to many different cultures. I've made a list of some of the interpretations of the moon over time and today...

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The moon is generally seen as a feminine symbol, associated with the menstrual cycle and the phases in a woman's life.

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The phases of the moon represent the stages in a woman's life. A new moon is representative of a maiden or virginal female, the full moon is a pregnant, or mother moon, whilst a waning moon is seen as a crone, or old woman.

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In Incan myth, the moon is known as Mama Quilla, and is the mother of the first Inca, Mano Capacaussi. Mama Quilla was the protector of married women.

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The moon reflects the light of the sun, and could therefore be seen as a more passive figure. It can traditionally be seen as the feminine reflecting the male light.

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The moon's continually changing phases led to its association with mutability, metamorphosis, inconstancy, or fickleness.

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The moon's affect on the tides has lead to its association with water or liquid.

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Alchemists associated the moon with silver.

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Moonlight was once thought to cause madness or 'lunacy'. This could have been part of the werewolf myth.

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The shadowy or hidden side of the moon is associated with mystery but also fear.

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I hope you enjoyed! What does the moon mean to you?

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