So, were friends again, and your not straying away for me. You still wouldn't tell me why you strayed away from a week, but I don't mind.

I realized that the light I saw in you dimmed down since the last time we talked. Your smile barley reaches your eyes anymore, but , again, I don't mind. You said that you were just tired. That was your excuse.

"I'm tired", you'd say. Instead of me asking you how much sleep you got last night. I asked what no one really asks.

"Tired of what?"

When my eyes met yours I knew that's what you wanted someone to ask you. It was like someone finally asked you something, not tell you to do anything.

Of course you said nothing, but that's okay.

"Mm.. What milkshake are you planning on Jay?" Asher asked me.

I let my eyes roam around the list we had, tapping my chin, "I'm just going to get a chocolate shake."

Asher gave me a blank look, before walking up to the counter, "I'm going to have two chocolate mug shakes with extra whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, and make that two cherries on top."

While you waited near the counter for our shakes I sat down at one of the booths. I loved this, getting some shakes with a friend in some classy dinner with 90's music.

The 90's must've been fun.

Asher soon came back two mugs of delicious looking chocolate shakes. Both in a tall glasses, exactly how he ordered. I took a sip, letting out a sigh of pleasurement. This was heaven.

I wanted to take a picture of this exact moment. Both of our smiles so bright & so real. You taking a sip out of your shake, while I looked at you happily. This was a moment I wanted to keep. A moment of happiness.