a. Alexander lewis - Clockwise ft Nick Row
b. Alienation & T Wayne - Hot box
c. Avicii - Lonely together ft Rita Ora
d. Campsite - Little do you know

cool, drink, and drunk image black, fun, and hair image

e. Diplo - Get it right ft Mo
f. Don diablo - People say ft Paije
g. El speaker - Put your love Azide remix
h. Fabian Mazur - The life ft Hudson East

girl, black and white, and beauty image girl, market, and photography image

i. Jordan Comolli - All this time
j. Marnik - Burn Ryan Riback remix
k. Marshmello - Friends ft Anne-Marie
l. Nimez & levr - Part of me ft Drama B

day, listen, and listening image

m. Taska black x Droedloe - Running away ft CUT
n. Skan & Dj ride - One way trip ft M.I.M.E
o. Skan & El speaker - Never gonna catch me
p. Skan - Mia Khalifa ft M.I.M.E

girl, coachella, and yellow image kylie jenner, kylie, and jenner image

q. Skan & Krale - No glory ft M.I.M.E
r. Skan & LBLVNC - Pressure ft Drama B
s. Skan - The vision ft Born I music
t. SoMo - Or nah Bass boosted

flowers, red, and rose image

u. The union - No good for you ft Lovespeake
v. Twerl - Bound ft Yagi & Von Alexander Trap version

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w. Trap City
x. Trap Nation
y. MrSuicideSheep
z. Trap Wolves

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