Hi guysss, here I bring you a list of cities where I went! I hope you like it, did you go to any of these cities?

Buenos Aires, Argentina

city, argentina, and buenos aires image argentina, buenos aires, and city image
I'm from here!!!


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Florence, Italy
travel, summer, and sea image capri and italy image
Capri, Italy
rome, italy, and city image italy, rome, and roma image
Rome, Italy
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Santorini, Greece


barcellona, Barcelona, and beach image Barcelona, city, and spain image
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Valencia, Spain

United States of America

palm trees, car, and palms image beach, beautiful, and canal image
Miami, America


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Wien, Austria


europe, travel, and france image monaco image
Monaco, France
blue, paris, and city image paris, travel, and france image
Paris, France


amsterdam and holland image amsterdam image
Amsterdam, Netherlands


berlin, europe, and germany image alemania, ciudad, and berlin image
Berlin, Germany


city, switzerland, and traveling image zurich image
Zurich, Switzerland
bike, city, and geneve image places, switzerland, and geneve image
Geneve, Switzerland

SO yeah guys, that's all
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