i saw someone else do this and it was pretty cool. also, i'm obsessed with these article thingies on whi. it's an excuse for me to post stupid stuff in here. so yeah, let's do this. :)

1. coffee or tea?

coffee 'cause i've never had tea before. if iced tea counts, i vote for iced tea 'cause i love it so much.

2. computer games or video games?

i don't really play games anymore, but when i was younger i used to play both and if i think about it now, i'd go with video games. actually, i would love to have a ps4 right now, but it's too much and mama can't afford it so. hell, i'd be so happy if i had a ps3 or ps2 even. my brother had the ps3 until a few months ago and every time i went to visit him at my aunt's house in florida i would play.

3. pancakes or waffles?

waffles, the love of my life

4. drawings or paintings?

i think paintings.

5. books or movies?


6. pepsi or coke?

my good sis coca-cola. i can drink pepsi, but it's yakkk

7. chinese or italian?

i often prefer pizza over chinese, but since we're talking in general here, it's chinese for me.

8. summer or winter?

how about autumn? :)
also, the answer's winter.

9. comedy or horror?

first of all, i hate horror.

10. early bird or night owl

not early bird, but also not night owl.

11. introvert or extrovert?


12. hugs or kisses?

hugs are awesome and i've never kissed anyone, but i'm guessing kisses are better.

13. cake or pie?


14. ketchup or mustard?

not a fan of either, but ketchup

15. silver or gold?

depends, but most of the time, i choose gold

16. dancing or singing?

me doing it? dancing. me appreciating it? both

17. t-shirts or sweaters?

depends, but mostly t-shirts

18. flowers or trees?

i think flowers

19. milk or juice?


20. 50's or 80's music?

80s music

21. wine or beer?


22. skiing or snowboarding?

...i live in the caribbean and i've never visited a us state when it's snowing season...except florida...but it doesn't snow there, so.

23. bracelet or necklace?

necklace, i think.

24. fruit or vegetables?

i think fruits

_25. crambled or fried?


26. dark chocolate or white chocolate?

i don't like either, but white chocolate

27. dress up or dress down?


28. frozen yoghurt or ice cream?


29. straight or curly hair?


30. burgers or tacos?

it really depends on the mood.

31. McDonald's or Burger King?

macca's. i'm not a fan of bk.

32. piercings or tattoos?

Jesus, but also, idk.

33. living room or bedroom?


34. sandals or sneakers?

depends on the mood, but mostly sneakers

35. apples or oranges?


36. bagels or toast?


37. watch or play sports?


38. swim in a pool or in the sea?

pool. too many creatures in the sea.

39. sweet or salty?


40. leather or lace?

depends. so both.

41. steak or chicken?


42. alaska or hawaii?


43. shower or tub?


44. tv shows or movies?


45. breakfast or dinner?


46. bananas or apples?


47. Facebook or twitter?


48. cats or dogs?


49. sci-fi or fantasy?


50. digital watch or analog?