Hi Loves,
This is literally my first actual article. I never wrote one because I didn't have a steady topic to base it on. Well I thought I'd share my travel bucket list.
Soooo Let me start! lol


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I first decided I wanted to visit Bahamas after watching Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's Holiday in the sun. Although I live on the island of Barbados, I'd still want to experience the culture of Bahamas.


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Greece is an absolutely beautiful country. I first aspired to visit there when I watched the movie Mamma Mia! Can't wait until the sequel release.


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Italy... the food, the culture! need I say more?


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If there's one part the African continent I wanna visit is Congo! So rich with culture and beauty.


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Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Inspiring Image on We Heart It

I heard its expensive to travel there, hopefully I get a chance to.


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The cuisine!

Thank you to everyone who actually read my article. And Thank you to the profiles that posted the tagged photos! <3