Hi! This is my first article and I hope you enjoy it!
My name is CRISTINA


dress and fashion image nails, beauty, and coral image colour, grey, and happy image flower and coral image

R- Royal Blue

prom dress, royal blue, and style image bedroom, design, and room image brooch, cluster, and etsy image etsy, evening gloves, and fingerless gloves image

I- Ivory

bridal gown, prom dress, and wedding gown image etsy, wedding jewelry, and gold earrings image silk dress, white t-shirts, and kendall jenner image cream, nails, and pastel image

S- Scarlet

opera, red, and theatre image lipstick, nars, and makeup image red, aesthetic, and crystal image red, girl, and flowers image

T- Tan

aesthetic, fashion, and tumblr image finn wolfhard, stranger things, and finn image adidas, shoes, and beige image vogue, brown, and cafe image

I- Indigo

hair, blue, and hairstyle image nails, baby blue, and blue nails image blue, cactus, and colors image aesthetic, alternative, and blue image

N- Naples Yellow

fiori, Naples, and yellow image black, cold, and Naples image bye, free, and freedom image sky image

A- Aqua

blue, teacup, and teal image blue, candy, and wallpaper image water, blue, and ocean image quotes, light, and see image