hi, welcome to my non kpop article!
im pretty much trash for a lot of things, but i wanted to give this a try, just because it looked fun lol.


ariana grande, ariana, and best mistake image country living, equestrian, and horses image aesthetic, black, and fashion image fashion, outfit, and pink image


room, home, and bedroom image black, girly, and goals image neon, pink, and purple image moon, purple, and sky image
say no to playstation today


equestrian, horse, and horses image study, notes, and aesthetic image art, journal, and red velvet image after, anna, and books image
2. taking notes 3. scrapbooking but i have one for twice


Image removed dog, puppy, and cute image Image removed cat, animals, and kitten image


dressage, horse, and riding image ariana grande image country living, farmhouse, and country cottage image kim bok joo, kdrama, and weightlifting fairy image

the last photo is weighlifting fairy kbj because that relationship was cute af im jell


ariana grande and dangerous woman tour image knk, jihun, and keunakeun image girls, twice, and mina image kpop, line, and jisoo image

lol thats all thank u bye