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In this article, I'm going to talk about an experience I had with a person. This is my experience but you guys have probably been through something similar to this.

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Dear ex girl best friend,
I remember when we hung out when we were kids. We've known each others from the start, so how could this happen? It was almost 2 years ago it happened, but I still remember it as it was yesterday.

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I visit my grandma every year and you are a part of my neighbourhood, like all my other relatives. One year, I wanted to surprise you and the others. I remember flying to the country when it was spring. And you were the first one I wanted to visit, among my friends. It was raining when I arrived but I still took an umbrella and went with my guy cousin that you had a crush on. When I came to your door, nobody opened. And finally, your relatives, that were your neighbours, told us that you weren't at home, so we went back. I was somehow disappointed on the fact that you weren't there. So I decided to later on visit my girl cousin that was also my neighbour. Soon, everyone knew I was here visiting the country.

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The next day, I got a text message from you. You apologized and told me that you were visiting your relatives. I understood and I was okay with it. I must admit, I have really forgotten what we were talking about and what we did, but I remember the feelings I felt when this happened.

I hung out, as usual, with my girl cousin because we visit each other everyday. We also started to go out in the city with each other. There was one time, when I went with both you and her. I thought it was the best time of all time. I thought you were okay with it. We grew closer as your 'hate' towards her started to grow bigger. You started later to tell me bad things about her, for example that she was trying to ruin our friendship that we've had our whole lives. I told you that you were overreacting and I also stood up for her since she was my cousin. I'd never let anyone talk bad things about my family or relatives.

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This led to you hanging out with other girls that just tried to ruin our friendship. You started calling them besties while you were leaving me alone. I don't really know why you did what you did. This wasn't necessary. You wanted me to choose between her and me and I thought it was ridiculous. At the end, we ended our friendship that lasted so long. We started to grow apart and I remembered how heartbroken I felt. It felt like someone just took my heart and crushed it to the ground. I still wanted our friendship to last, but you didn't. You told me that it was over between us and that we had to accept that. You also told me that you had something with your new besties that you never had with me. You told me that our friendship was just something childish and that we were too young to understand. I remember texting my last messages to you while having tears falling down my cheeks. Eventually, we stopped talking, stopped following each other and at last we blocked each other.

I felt alone while you hung out with your new besties. You replaced me for them. It's funny how you told me that you could only have one real best friend and it turned out that you had 5+ new best friends. I allowed you to have as many friends as you wanted, as long as you wouldn't forget me. But you couldn't even accept me hanging out sometimes with MY COUSIN.

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I mean, we've always called each others for best friends but I guess we were too young to really understand the definition of "best friends". Atleast that's what you told me. You told me that several times when I tried to fix our friendship. I tried to heal the wounds in my heart while you were having fun with your new besties.

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Some months passed and I didn't want to see you ever again because my hate and disappointment for you had grown during these months. I had never lost someone close to me before. But as I grew stronger, I could see how you started to change. A moment later, when I had forgotten you, you started to text me again, saying that you missed everything we had and that you wanted to give it a try. I felt somehow good that you came back, begging for our friendship. I remember how strong I felt. You were the one who crushed me and eventually came back. I forgave you, as the person I am. But that didn't mean I'd forget all the feelings I felt. And I wasn't really in need of you either. I saw how you started to talk with me. You tried to fix up things. So we became friends but I didn't really feel the spark anymore. The only thing I saw in you was betrayal.

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We still talk and hang out sometimes and are counted as friends. But everytime I hang out with you, it's always fake smiles. It's not how it used to be before. And you probably think that we are more than friends, but for me it's more like us being fake friends. I mean, how could you break me like that and then suddenly claim that you love me?

I'm glad for our moments we had but that's all. Everything else is just a disappointment. I'm okay with you being in or out of my life because it doesn't really matter anymore. You broke my heart and you can't unfix what you've done. What I've learnt from all this is that you can't fix something, that is now broken, the way it was before. But thank you for making me stronger than I was before and thank you for making me decide to not give a crap about fake friends.

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your ex best friend who is better off without you


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