This trend has been going on WHI or a while now. I'm doing this before work. This is also a contribute to website I dearly love.

My name is MALEIA

M: Maroon

dessert, food, and heart image joy and red velvet image dress, fav, and red image red, rose, and car image book, aesthetic, and red image neon, wine, and drink image

A: Amber

honey and yellow image fashion, style, and skirt image yellow, flowers, and rose image aesthetic, sky, and hufflepuff image art, sunshine, and beauty image yellow, aesthetic, and tumblr image

L: Light Pink

pink, car, and vintage image fashion, pink, and clothes image makeup and pink image pink, restaurant, and aesthetic image pink, aesthetic, and heart image pink, girl, and pastel image

E: Electric Purple

heart, pink, and purple image purple image baby, pink, and necklace image purple, tumblr, and aesthetic image purple, header, and grunge image eyeshadow, makeup, and purple image

I: Iridescence

purple, fashion, and aesthetic image white black pale, aesthetic alternative, and baddies accessories image wallpaper, holographic, and background image rainbow, colors, and water image holographic, aesthetic, and floor image glitter, purple, and background image

A: Aqua

blue, eyeshadow, and south pacific image pale, blue, and pastel image blue, cars, and turquoise image light, night, and red image blue and gem image blue, aesthetic, and turquoise image
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