each day, I continually find baby names that I fall in love with and I never want to lose this list, so I'm putting it here.
1. Arizona

cactus, yellow, and green image girl, aesthetic, and tumblr image
I honestly just like the way this name sounds and I like the idea of deserts and warm weather in Arizona.

2. Claire

summer, girl, and boat image fashion, sunglasses, and summer image
as a kid, my favorite movie was Aquamarine with one of the main characters being a girl named Claire. I've loved the name since.

3. Aspen

blonde, fashion, and pink image mountains, nature, and lake image
this name reminds me of Colorado, and I love Colorado. it also sounds really cool.

4. Jade

jade picon image fashion, style, and outfit image
my favorite gemstone is Jade, so it's only fitting that I like that name.

5. Genevieve

fashion, girl, and style image city, architecture, and building image
this was the name of a character in one of my favorite books. she was described as beautiful and classy, just like the name sounds.

6. Nadine/Nadia

tattoo and girl image grunge, rose, and aesthetic image
in Spanish, nadar means to swim. I like the ocean and I love to swim. since the name reminds me of the Spanish verb, i like it.

7. Isabel

girl, fashion, and city image building, city, and france image
I read a lot of Jenny Han books, and in her "The Summer I Turned Pretty" series, the main character is Isabel, who shares a lot of interests with me, tying me to this name.

8. Charlotte

fall, fashion, and girls image winter, snow, and red image
my grandfather's family first settled into Charlotte, North Carolina before settling into my current town. since he told me about that town, I've fallen in love with the idea of it.

9. Sequoia

travel, camel, and desert image cactus, nature, and desert image
I love Native American names and anything that reminds me of the desert.

10. Cheyenne

Beautiful Girls, italy, and native american image blanket, colours, and cuddle image
once again, I love Native American names and I've always wanted to visit Cheyenne, Wyoming. that place has peaked my interest in this name.

11. Violet

Barcelona, crown, and curly image blue, Dream, and field image
this was the name of my childhood dog, and it brings back memories of her.

12. Margeaux

fashion, dress, and white image photography, Greece, and summer image
i've always liked this name because it sounds like the name of a strong, independent woman. (and it looks dope)