Hello World and wecome back to one more article by me! A few days ago,i posted an article with some life advices and i asked you if you want to see a part two from me with more advices.I thought that no one would message me,but fortunately i received many messages which urged me to write this article.

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Without more information,let's get started :)


  • Create many playlists on your mobile phone and categorize the songs that you like depending on the emotions that they make you feel when you are listening to them.With this way, it will be easier to find the right songs according to your mood.
  • Do not be afraid to listen to ''different music''. The music of many of the famous artists is sadly commercialized and of poor quality (at least in my opinion,but of course there are some exceptions).So,just try to discover other artists who can change your mentality with their songs!
  • ALWAYS pay attention to lyrics. I know that the music of the song is the one that would usually determine our point of view for the song,but the lyrics (in my humble opinion) are more important.
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  • Start your first relationship after the end of the school. Most of the times school relationships are not essential and real.You do not have to start a relationship just for being able to tell your friends that you have a boyfriend / girlfriend.
  • Do not push your loved one too much. Pressure creates anxiety,anger,sadness and fight that you definitely do not want.
  • If you broke up recently and you feel that you can't get over your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend,then just remeber WHY you broke up.
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  • Follow the fashion,only if you like it. Do not let fashion be imposed upon you and try to stay your own self.
  • Generally,I would suggest you do not use makeup in your everyday life,but if I can not change your opinion about ''the world of Beauty'',then just try to find the hue that suits your skin. Believe me,when you use the ''wrong'' foundation,then even me that i don't have any beauty products,I will notice it.
  • Do not wear makeup on the beach in the summer. I know that it is waterproof makeup (''waterproof''is the right word..right?), but really WHY?! I just can not accept it guys.
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  • Do not look at the number of your followers. It's just a simple number.This number doesn's say anything about you.So,don't let it affect you!
  • If you want to become a journalist,a writer,or if you generally like writing, then I suggest you to start writing articles here.You do not need to have a specific program ... just write an article when you have a lot of inspiration and free time.Share it with the other hearters.It is real AMAZING to share your thoughts with others.
  • Do some new internet friends. Personally,I love to talk to people here.It's so exciting that you can find people from all over the World,and you can learn so many interesting things from them!
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~So,that's it for today guys.I hope you enjoyed this article :)

~I am waiting for your feedback,your lovely reactions and of course your suggestions for future articles. If you want me to write something in particular,then just send me a message and i will reply you soon :)

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