I've been seeing this challenge a lot lately, I guess I decided to try it out. This is my first article. Enjoy! (Btw, I don't know who made this challenge, but creds to them!❤️)


adidas clothes black black
My style kinda varies actually..it switches a lot. But, currently I'm into that sporty and grunge look.


Superthumb Temporarily removed This image was flagged for review anime Superthumb
In general, i'm just a super petty,hungry,sarcastic,& observant person.


aesthetic Superthumb background beach
I love the color blue, it's just so mesmerizing and calming.


Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb burger
This food is freaking life. Left to right: Tamales, Ramen,Hot Cheetos, & Fried food❤️


the killers maluma Superthumb bad bunny
So..this is my weird playlist..It consists of: The Killers, Maluma, Romeo Santos, and Bad Bunny.❤️

❤️нσρєѕ & ∂яєαмѕ

baby italia Superthumb bride
I really want to graduate to make my parents proud of me. It's always been something that drives me in life. When you live in a small town, it's hard to believe that anything will happen to you. That's why it's been one of my dreams to travel. You see the different aspects and culture other than your own. Lastly, I'm just in love with the concept of love. I want that big cliche wedding and I want that happy marriage with children. Goofy, right?❤️


adorable animal animal funny
So..a lot of people have nicknamed me "Chihuahua" because i'm super talkative and annoying. Which..pretty much sums me up actually.. I love horses because they have this air of freedom when I look at one. Finger Monkeys are totes adorbs and who wouldn't want one? & Kermit.. See, Kermit is current mood all day and everyday.

❤️fαν т.ν ѕнσωѕ

steven universe anime opening the fosters
Steven universe is amazing.. I love the message that CN puts out there.There's just so much more to it. Attack on Titan is super scary yet, I'm still into it. Sailor moon has been my thing for as long as I can remember. Usagi reminds us all what it's like to be a teenager that's dealing with the real world. She also teaches us kindness. The Fosters is SOOOO good. The plot to the characters. Still can't decide if Callie should be with Brandon...


book anime article awesome
I love to read, I read at least one book a day. Lately, I've been into Rupi Kaur, she writes poetry, she's amazing. To be honest, it always seems like i'm trying to find someone. Like, relationship-wise. Also, I'm always eating. (But, we already knew that.) If I'm not reading, I'm probably watching movies. My favorite is the Fast and Furious series. RIP PAUL :((. Lastly, I pretty much am on WHI all the time. I love that we can write articles and express our opinions more easily. What can I say? I'm obsessed.

That concludes my #ThisisMechallenge. Sorry, it was a bit long, but I wanted you guys to know who you're following/looking at. I hope in the future I can write another article.