Top 20 Kdramas… so far

20. She Was Pretty

couple, korean, and romantic image

19. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

strong woman do bong soon, couple, and kdrama image

18. I Can Hear Your Voice

i hear your voice image

17. I Miss You

i miss you image

16. My Love From Another Star

kdrama, cheon song yi, and OMG image

15. Moorim School

2016, lee hyun woo, and k-drama image

14. While You Were Sleeping

kdrama, lee jong suk, and while you were sleeping image

13. Pinocchio

pinocchio and kdrama image

12. School 2015

school 2015 image

11. High School Love On

boy, girl, and kdrama image

10. Healer

comedy, kdrama, and park min young image

9. Go Go Waikiki

aesthetic, best friends, and kim jung hyun image

8. Reunited Worlds

kdrama image

7. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

korean, kpop, and 2017 image

6. D-day

Image by Savic Ais

5. Doctor Stranger

doctor stranger, lee jong suk, and park hoon image

4. Shopping King Louis

drama, wallpapers, and kdrama image

3. Descendants of the Sun

Image removed

2. I’m Not A Robot

Korean Drama, im not a robot, and yoo seung go image

1. W

gif, w two worlds, and han hyo joo image

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