Everyone daydreams about being an adult, having kids, being with their dream lover, working their dream job. Well my dream job is being a plastic surgeon.

I'm dreaming about this career for 7 years now, and I'm working very hard for it. I'm working on subjects like biology and chemistry very hard.

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I just love the thought about helping people and saving their lives. This job is not for everyone, it's not just being comfortable with blood, it's a job where you have to be very mentally strong, confident and intelligent.

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And I was very inspired by TV shows like Grey's Anatomy and House M.D. Because of them I found even more reasons why it's so fascinating to help people.

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If you have a dream work, work hard and I'm sure your dream will come true! If you want to talk about your dream job with me, I'm waiting for you to message me. XOXO- Auguste