some may think that it's too late to post something about 2017 but it's never late!!

selene by metaxas

this song helped me a lot throughout this year.
in march 2017 i was in tenerife and i've been there many times but this one was my favorite. i don't know why i liked this one better. maybe it was because we (my family) stayed in hotels but this time we rented a house? but i don't know.
but going back to the song, this song was with me all that trip and then, the whole year.

Island, mountains, and nature image dollhouse, vacation, and spain image

hey mami by sylvan esso

i was a feminist before i heard this song however this tune turned me into a feminist even more. i was watching 'orange is the new black' series and this song came up! i loved it. the melody, the lyrics, amazing!

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redbone by childish gambino

i think this song is something really, really authentic. i feel like this song is something that not everybody would like and would listen to but i've always liked songs like that. i don't know, this song brings back so many memories of 2017 and that's probably why it's really important for me.

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big fat mouth by arlie
candy wrappers by summer salt
revvin' my cj7 by summer salt
stream by last dinosaurs

i love summer and how my summer goes is very importsnt to me. these songs made my summer even better besides having fun with my friends and traveling.

austria, summer, and travel image Image by Sara ♡

indigo puff by sundara karma
something good by alt-j
the night we met by lord huron

before 2017 i stopped talking to my best friend. she meant a lot to me and these songs connected us again. we met and now we're best friends like nothing happened.

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cigarette daydreams by cage the elephant
why'd you only call me when you're high? by arctic monkeys
bloom later by jesse rutherford

besides getting back my ex best friend, i found another best friend. i knew her already but i've never thought that we would become best friends in that short period of time.

lisa, rose, and blackpink image Image by HAmza Sheikh

my 2017 was really cool not only because of music and everything else but because of you, my readers, too! thank you, thank you and thank you again!