Hello, lovelies! Today I thought I'll let you guys in on my style, my favourite clothing items and the clothes I usually mix and match to make an outfit.


nails black

Low Top Sneakers

black Superthumb

Mom Jeans

outfit aesthetic

Oversized Knitted Sweaters

clothes adidas

Flowy T-Shirts

fashion best friends

Formal Trousers

clothes beauty

Loose Trousers

clothes fashion

Maxi Dresses

beauty beach

Maxi Skirts

blonde boho

Ankle Length Cardigans

black Superthumb

Choker Necklaces

fashion fashion

Nose Stud/Ring

Superthumb nose
I have a stud right now but I'm hoping to get a nose ring soon.

Blanket Scarf

Superthumb blanket

I hope you enjoyed and are able to know me a bit better through my style, I'll love to see your style too so if you guys make your own article then make sure to message me the link or just message me your typical style if you didn't want to do an article cause I love finding new pieces to add to my style. I hope my style inspired you guys or if it's similar then we can be friends.

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