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Hey boo!

Let's get this shmoney all 2018! I'm gonna show you all how to not only make money but keep it too. We've all been there where we wanna buy something, but realize you're broke af like

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But I'm gonna help you out, so you can achieve your goals and get what you want this year. Let's get started...

Apps & Websites

These can literally save your life (& money) and when you find out about these, you're gonna be mad you didn't know about these sooner.

Available on App Store & Google Play: 📱
Available on PC Only: 💻
Or Both: 💻📱

Honey: 💻

  • This website generates coupons for your favorite clothing stores you can save up $5-$50 depending on the brand. The more you save using this website, the more Honey Gold you get to redeem for gift cards! You earn 50 gold when you join.
  • Simply add the extension to your chrome browser (not sure if it's on firefox); and either you can,

while you're on the honey website, search the store you want to shop at for available coupons

or you can go to the store you want to shop at and click on the honey extension to activate it and it will go through a bunch of coupons till it finds a valid one and saves you money on your purchase.

GasBuddy: (Unfortunately this is US/CA only, for now anyway) 💻📱

  • Okay so if you drive, this is gonna save you tons on gas. It shows you a map of the US and which states/areas that will cost you the most money in gas, or you can see how much the gas has went up or down over the years on average.
  • It also has an app for on the go, this will give you cheap gas near you based on your location. There are fun challenge giveaways that can win you gas cards!

Checkout51: 💻📱

  • Another coupon app, use when you're buying groceries and if you don't buy groceries for yourself yet help ya family out to save some coins. They'll thank you later.

Poshmark: 📱

  • Sale your unwanted and unused clothes! Seriously, you can make so much money doing this just go into your closet look through what you have, no matter what it is, if you're skeptically about keeping it then maybe it's time to let it go...

RetailMeNot: 💻📱

  • Find out where there are sales to save that money, as well as gift card deals!

Key Ring: 📱

  • I thought I'd add this to the list; because it helps you organize your loyalty and membership cards into one location, that way you get your rewards like discounts and cash back from those memberships!

Ebates: (Sign up right now and get a free gift card!) 💻📱

  • You can get up to 40% cash back from over 2,000 stores! Also gives you multiple deals to choose from, you actually get paid back your cash in a form of a check or Paypal (after a certain amount you've said)

Hopper: 📱

  • If you plan on travelling, this will notify you when it's cheaper to go to your destination (and buy your tickets) and it let's you know when is the best time to go.

Raise: 💻📱

  • If you have gift cards for places you don't shop at sell them on here and earn cash from them instead.

Slice: 💻📱

  • Helps you if a price dropped on an item you purchased to get your money back, alerts you if something you bought gets recalled, access your receipts, is your personal tracker for your packages so you don't have to search through your emails.

Goodbudget: 💻📱

  • Sync your budget reports (across multiple devices if you want) so you can save up money for whatever you want!

BestParking: 💻📱

  • Another one if you are a driver, put in a city and its location and it will show you the price for parking all around the area so you know the cheapest price and where it is.

Coupon Sherpa 💻📱 and SnipSnap 📱:

  • Open the app and if there is a coupon available show it to the cashier for them to scan.
  • User SnipSnap to scan, save, and redeem the ones you find in magazines (or newspapers)
There is so many more applications that I will have to make a part 2 or else this will go on forever. That will be up in a few days because I'm getting over a cold right now.

Good luck and happy savings ya'll!

Check out my other collections & posts boo. Thanks for reading, I love you all and the support I've gotten lately 💋