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in this world, we need to look for moments that make us happy, focus on them and not let anyone take them away from us.

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after not a long time of thinking, i came up with some things that make me uncontrolably happy.

i love sunday evenings. in last 2 months i didnt have one sunday evening that i wouldnt smile. i found that i can always trust God and that religion is really important because you always have to believe in something. on sunday evenings, i always meet up with my Christian community and we always laugh and make each other happy. thats why i love it so much. God bonds us together and i am thankful for that and even more.

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he makes me happy. just a thought of him makes my insides go
* whoop whoop *. i barely know him, but he knows exaclty what to say every time. he is perfect as he is. with his flaws, his innocent jokes, his pure intentions. with his lovely eyes and a heart of gold. i dont know what would i do without him. and i dont even know him that well.

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i cant think of a better feeling than making someone smile. it just shows that you made them feel better, or even feel happy. and what could possibly make me more happy than maikng someone else happy? i think nothing can.

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fandoms make me happy. i know its stupid, but i love the way we support each other in fandoms without even knowing each other. i love bands and tv shows and being in a fandom with a lot of people close to me. they made my life so much better and even made me learn english. fandoms and bands literally saved my life and make me happy every day.

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also want you back by 5sos comes out tonight IM SO EXCIDED hjbwsJSNK

tv shows make me happy. i know its stupid, but tv shows can take your attention from sadness really quick. i love me a good tv show. when its funny and relatable, it always makes me smile.

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making new friends is really beautiful experience for me too. i am glad i have my old friends, yeah, but it always warms up my heart when i make a new one. i am glad i made a few friends thanks to WHI too and i am really thanful for that. <3

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what is better than puppies? right, nothing. i love puppies and dogs in general, but the puppy i have at my grandmas is my biggest love. everytime i go there i just spend a lot of time with that little bud and my heart is so warm because of it. i love dogs with all of my heart, really.

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skincare and makeup is a thing that really makes me feel better about myself and makes me happy. everytime i put on a facemask or i buy some pretty highlighter, it just makes my day better.

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i always get so pumped up when i hear my favourite music on the radio. its just that i feel so proud and happy to have my favourite artists on the radio, its like hearing my children sing.

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she is my bestfriend. and althrough we fight a lot, we still manage to work it out and not be mad at each other like 5 minutes after. i love our insidejokes, buying bagettes, and even our embarrasments. i love her. she makes me happy.

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and althrough i get depressed a lot because thats just the kind of person i am, i focus on these things and hold on them. and thats the best thing you can do when youre sad. find those things and make yourself happy.



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