Hi everyone! This is my first article on this account, so I hope you like it.

I think BTS is truly a very talented group, and that when fans/ARMYs point something out, other people will just say it’s their opinion or whatever. However, I believe that in order to call yourself an actually fan, you have to love every part of every member. Don’t call yourself a fan if you only Stan one f them. Don’t call yourself a fan unless you love everyone for everything.

So as this title says, I will be telling you guys all about the beautiful human beings that created BTS.

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Kim Seokjin

Jin (his stage name) is not talentless. He does not have a bad voice. He is not a bad dancer. He is not only in BTS for his visuals. In my opinion, Jin is extremely underrated. No one ever talks about his amazing vocals, or dancing skills. Sure, you could say he isn’t the best of the group, but that’s just a matter of your opinion. Seokjin is one of the kindest and most caring members. He is dedicated, not only to BTS, but to ARMYs everywhere. He has showed us that being a idol doesn’t mean you have to be concerned with your diet. Although he has been on some, his series, Eat Jin has proved otherwise. Also, he shows us the true meaning of self-confidence. Of course, haters (and non-fans) may argue that’s being self-centered or vain, but in a community of celebrities, it is important to have confidence in yourself. Jin is not and should not be known for just his visuals, as he is very, very, very hardworking (along with the other members).

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Min Yoongi

Suga (his stage name) is not mean. He is not lazy. Suga has a way with reality, and I think that’s what’s important. He shouldn’t be called mean or harsh because he knows the real world. He doesn’t care what people think, doesn’t give two sh*ts. Even though he doesn’t care too much about (the not-important) things, he is still one of the most caring members. He is such a cutie, and always supports the other members. He has come from a poor background, and his dreams were never supported. That did not stop him, and now he is part of the biggest boy band in the world (yes, I said that, 1D is not the biggest, they aren’t even a group now lol). He never gave up his dream of working in the music industry, and if I’m correct, he was only working with BigHit because of his songwriting/producing, and now he is one of the lead rappers of BTS. And if you guys say he is lazy, please listen to the numerous songs that he has produced and written. Please watch his logs, please remember the times that he has stayed up all night to finish his work. He is DEDICATED, you guys.

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Jung Hoseok

J-Hope (his stage name) is absolutely not annoying, nor is he a bad rapper. I have no clue where I’ve heard this, but his rapping skills are amazing, in my opinion. He is a fabulous dancer. AMAZING, really. And he is just such a positive person. You can’t help but smile when you hear his name or voice, right? And if you guys think that his screaming noises and enthusiasm is annoying, deal with it. In his recent birthday V-Live, someone told him to stop making them, and he literally said he would. Hobi would do anything for ARMYs to be happy, why can’t we do the same? If it annoys you, that’s too bad, but that’s what makes Hoseok who he is. Also, if I can get back on track, his dancing skills are mad! He has a little segment called Hope on the Street and I die every freaking time. Oh and also, Hobi is not ugly. Not by a long shot. I know some people say he has a horse face (* cough Tae cough *), and maybe in your perspective it’s true, but my boy is such a beauty.

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Kim Namjoon

Gosh, you guys, there is so much to say about RM (his stage name), aka the best leader out there. One, he is not ugly, like really? Look at his dimples, they are is cute!! And, everyone, let me tell you a little story of Jungkook choosing which agency he would join. He joined BigHit because he wanted Namjoon to be his leader. If that doesn’t scream leadership skills to you, I will flip a table. No, but honestly, Joonie is such an amazing ‘head’ of BTS. He’s fluent in English, so he has spoken in a lot of American interviews, but not before trying to encourage other members to speak first. Also, he is not a bad dancer. Maybe before they debuted, he wasn’t the best. I mean, he was Rap Monster; R-A-P Monster, not Dance Monster; D-A-N-C-E Monster. (OMG ily if you get that.) But now, you can see that he has really improved and is doing a lot better. In addition to this, he always puts his heart and soul into the music he writes. Translate any song that BTS sang and RM wrote, and I swear you will absolutely feel something.

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Park Jimin

My little Mochi is not fat. Not fat at all. He is not known for just his abs. Also, Jimin is extremely kind to both the members younger and older than him. He is always there to comfort others, and his positivity radiates everywhere he goes. He is such a talented dancer, and his vocals slay me. Also, he shyness always makes me smile. He gets embrassed over the cutest things about himself, and that just makes him such a Mochi! I honestly just wish he was more confident in himself... Oh, and his smile. Like goddamn it... it is so freaking contagious! Oh and speaking of cute, he also so handsome, like the duality is real, you guys, so freaking real. He is an extremely hard-working, sometimes to the point where he constantly criticizes himself (😔).

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Kim Taehyung

V (his stage name) is one of the most intricate human beings I have ever known. He’s weird, and he doesn’t care. He doesn’t mind what other people think, and is never on a diet, which I think shows how eating doesn’t effect your personality. He actually tells all ARMYs to eat whatever they want to on many of his V-Lives. He always has such a positive view on life, and is truly just a pure human being. His voice is so so so soothing, and yet he doesn’t get enough lines, which is a shame. He is very caring, not only to BTS members, but to ARMYs and of course, his family. His determination is also another thing that just shines through. He is a hardworking member, and always does things with 101%. Also, he is very confident in himself. Tae knows he’s handsome and that everyone fangirl over him, and embraces it. He’s proud of himself, and that’s the best thing you could be.

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Jeon Jeongguk

Jungkook (his stage name) is the maknae, which can be hard at the time. When they debuted, he was 15. He worked hard for his dream, at a young age, which shows how determined he was. Some of you may say that he is cocky because he is good at everything, but I beg to differ. But yes, he is good at everything; he can sing, dance, bowl, you name it, he slays it! Also, his shyness is so adorable! Considering the fact that he is the youngest of the group, it’s understandable that he’ll be shy around new people. He doesn’t talk a lot in interviews, but when he does, he just has such a bright aura. He loves to tease his Hyungs, which I also think is really cute, and I just love how they don’t think less of him for being younger. Also guys, let’s talk about his dorkiness for a second. He knows literally all girl group dances, and his obsession with JB? LOVE. And of course, his love for all the ARMYs out there :))

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Alright, that’s all for today, I hope you liked this article!