I’m not a toy. Not yours, not anyone’s. Ever. Yes, I like games. I like to play and not take everything that seriously. But only when I’m the one setting rules.
Because usually the person who is setting the rules, is the only one who really knows them. And that’s how they always win. And I’m not gonna lose anymore.

I was so clueless this time. I had no idea that losing was even possible. I was so convinced of where both of us were standing and didn’t even assume possible that I could be mistaken.
I failed to notice the moment when I let myself to be blindfolded. And in the end everything seemed so sudden, so unexpected. But there had to be signs. There had to be something pointing at what you’re going to do. But somehow I was so confident that I knew you, so sure that you were being genuine. I thought that I would recognise your lies, if you said any. It’s scary how easy it was to believe you.

But I won’t make the same mistake again.
I’m not scared of the game, not scared of the losing. I just love the taste of victory a lot more than I could ever love you.

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