Hey everyone,
Here I am again, haha. Also before you read this article i would be VERY happy, if you read my first article about insecurities first beacuse i Kind of want to continue to the old one with new ideas and suggestions. I will link it on the bottom of this article. ⇩ Thank you!

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So last time i wrote about insecurities including body, seize, looking and stuff like this. In this article I want to talk about inner confidence or rather insecurities. I personally, struggle a lot with the way I look but I also struggle with my personality.
I Kind of tend to think that People think I'm ugly. So for example if someone is looking at me randomly I rather think that Person hates me or says bad stuff behind my back than thinking that that Person might think I am beautiful.

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This is all about confidence. Everyone can and has to learn how to be confident. And this is so important. You can easily destroy yourself by always letting the negativity win. Instead of always letting People tell you what's wrong with you or that you aren't perfect, you should Focus on yourself. You must understand that focusing on yourself is the ONLY way to get rid of the negativity in your life.

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I mean I totally get this. This girl over there is looking damn awkwardly in your direction. What else could she think about you than that you are ugly as hell? I tell you: that you are beautiful, kind, funny, a fun person to be with, PERFECT.
You know what? I can'T help you with struggling with insecurities. I can't help you with learning how to love yourself. You must do it yourself. Focus on yourself. Focus on your dreams. Focus on the things that make you happy. Focus on your friends. Focus on your Passion. Focus on love.
Just Focus.
And everything is going to be fine.
I promise.

I really hope you liked this article. This articles about insecurities mean a lot to me because they are helping me to love myself, too. I would be very happy if you sent me a message or postcard with Feedback or suggestions for the next article. I love you.
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