Good Morning Hearters!!

Hope you are having a great day, live today to the fullest and see the gold in being alive <3

I love fashion and style, and I love that everyone has a different style. Everyone has a different way of expressing who they are, and that makes the world such a diverse and fun place.

Sometimes it may be difficult to discover our very own personal style, because of social media + tv + celebrity influences etc. so I've made a little list to help you discover your style and dress your best!

start with what you have

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Raid your closet for outfits you haven't worn in a while, see what you can mix up or recreate with what you already have. Fashion is expensive and I know I can't afford to completely revamp my wardrobe. don't know if anyone can relate? hahaha You can also sell stuff you don't use anymore, to save up for a spree : )

get inspired

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Keep your eyes open for outfits you could recreate. Whether it's vintage, boho, chic, or whatever it's good to get a little inspiration. Beware of trend overload though, you don't wanna end up being the mirror of some fashion mogul. You can twist things to make them more you.

be open

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Be open to diversity. I like to diversify my closet, you know try a little bit of everything. Different items + accessories + trends can work in different places. Why not add a little pizzazz!

play up your assets => embrace you

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Find things that flatter you. Whether you have an hourglass figure, a nice back, dark skin, pretty eyes, everyone has features that make them beautiful. Dress to play up your assets and embrace the gifts nature has given you <3

be confident

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Remember you style doesn't have to be something mainstream. your style represents you, so don't be afraid to wear statement earrings, bright colors or patterns. You dress for you and not for anyone else. Confidence is the best accessory, you can conquer anything if you have confidence!

Hope this article has helped in anyway! Feel free to follow for more. And don't forget that you were made to bloom baby.

much love,