Dear Someone,

I've unearthed a wave of thoughts. Our world population.
Abuse. Sex. Drugs. Alcohol. Money. Greed. Just genuinely painful thoughts that could possibly drive me to a mad house.

I'm a fake.
A faker.

I feel small in a world of billions.
Trapped in a cage,
Still singing.

I have friends that are poisonous by any spoken, verbal, ravenous insult they manage to spat out at me. And I take it, I take it like no man could ever,

I take it like woman.

Knowing I don't have listen to such mockery,
and I know that I can't ultimately have what they do,
I do not compare myself to them,
I was made to be different.
As everyone else was.

Love your body and differences
Like it is another person in front of you.

Share your empowerment with the world.
Give someone a smile, because for shits sake. Nobody fuckin' smiles anymore.

Love, Aries
"Have a wonderful day."