14.- Describe 5 strengths you have.

My happiness

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Its rare that I am sad or angry, it is natural for me to be a happy person and I think I am capable of "infecting" people with my joy
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be direct I like to be able to say what I think without fear, it's a good thing that I have, sometimes in some cases I feel ashamed but I try to be direct all the time, but always trying to not be mean
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My spontaneity I think this is a good thing and a little bad at the same time, many times I act without thinking or saying things I should not have said and I'm like "sh#t, I shouldnt have said / done that, I looked like an idiot" but in general I feel comfortable being this way lol
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Be persistent I always try to fight and give the best of me to get the things I want, many times, I have to admit that I get frustrated but even so, I draw strength and continue
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Be determined I like to be firm with my decisions, I trust the things I say or do and I try to show that I feel confident with that

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