Hello guys, this is my first wh article so please be kind.
We all know and love Angelina Jolie, but no one loves her like i love her, she's my idol and not just cause she's so FREAKING HOT but most of all because she's one of the most generous people in the Hollywood's world, she gives many money to lots of N.P organisations to help kids and people allover the world, she and also Brad when they were a couple ( I'm crying) adopted three beautiful kids that were orphanes and gave them a family, she's also an ambassador of UNHCR. But now lets talk about her work as actress and director, she played many roles, by the crazy girl to the cyborg and the sexy spy and sad depressed woman, giving to all those roles an original "taste", she also directed four movies: Unbroken, In the land of blood and honey, By the sea ( my favorite) and First they killed my father ( a very deep movie, that everyone should see, cause is so good). She's my inspiration not just for her life now, but for how she changed by when she was just a girl; she suffered of anorexia and bulimia, was addicted to drugs at the age of only 14 and her family (just her, her mommy and brother; her parents divorced) were poor; but she has faced all these obstacles and has become the strong woman she is today. For all those reasons I love Angelina and I'm proud of livng in the same era of her.
xoxo cami; thanks for reading