1. Han Solo

han solo, handsome, and harrison ford image han solo, Hot, and handsome image star wars, han solo, and harrison ford image han solo, leia, and princess image

2. Obi-Wan Kenobi

beige, desert, and sand image aesthetic, quote, and star wars image aesthetic, brownish, and Nude image aesthetic, beard, and brown image

3. Poe Dameron

aesthetic, orange, and outfit image rebel, aesthetic, and quotes image handsome, star wars, and cute image star wars, poe dameron, and jedi image

4. Luke Skywalker

blue, theme, and sand image a new hope, the last jedi, and Adult image luke skywalker, star wars, and tlj image change, darth vader, and deep image

5. Finn

couple, finn, and star wars image love, quotes, and friends image finn, funny, and john boyega image star wars and stormtrooper image

6. Yoda

yoda, star wars, and origami image

7. Harry Potter

harry potter, drinks, and butterbeer image harry potter, snitch, and quidditch image Image by larksings Image removed

8. Draco Malfoy

green, skull, and harry potter image slytherin, green, and aesthetic image green, slytherin, and aesthetic image slytherin, harry potter, and draco malfoy image

9. Severus Snape

benedict cumberbatch, harry potter, and Marvel image potion, harry potter, and aesthetic image hogwarts, potions, and harry potter image always, harry potter, and snape image

10. Albus Dumbledore

hogwarts, harry potter, and castle image aesthetic, albus dumbledore, and book image harry potter, dumbledore, and hogwarts image harry potter, quotes, and dumbledore image

11. Sirius Black

sirius black image dog, black, and aesthetic image harry potter, hogwarts, and marauders map image theme, dark, and aesthetic image

12. Remus Lupin

character, edit, and fandom image books, glasses, and coffee image character, the marauders, and edit image boy image

13. Jughead Jones

cole sprouse, boy, and black and white image quotes image aesthetic and yellow image aesthetic, converse, and shoes image

More fictional male aesthetics coming soon in Part 2...