You are in bed thinking about this one person who will never come back anyway.
You're looking straight up at the walls and listening to music
Tears are falling and the night gets colder and colder

And you keep asking yourself the same old questions
-Wasn't I good enough?
-What did I do wrong?
-Was everything a lie?
-Was it my fault?

You turn your music louder and your tears are starting to fall stronger.
You want to escape but you can't
You can hear your heart break

The saddest part is to know that he or she does not miss you and does not even think about you.
It's over you have to move on.
Everyone tells me to move on but how?
I can't let go because I love you
I can not just banish you from my life.

You realize that it is already quite late and you should actually go to sleep.
You lie down and cry yourself to sleep