Hey Guys.
This is my very first article and I hope you like it! It you like articles, just keep reading and give this a heart.

This is my own story about love. Everything I know about that big word, love, is that it feels so nice. Its the greatest feeling to love someone and know that person loves you to.

I’m looking for that feeling.

Its just so hard to find, isn’t it? Have You ever felt that feeling? I don’t. But I’m searching. There’s this boy at my school, he’s in the same grade as me but in an other class. He’s very cute and handsome, and he talks to me a lot! (: At first, you would think that’s a good thing, but it’s not. He is not single. But yeah I have to deal with it.
I can go to him and say that I like him, but you know, that doesn’t work.

So my advice for you is: Fall in love with the right person that loves you too. I hope you find someone!


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