This is the first day of my 30 Day Writing.

1.My City

arts, landscape, and valencia image night, valencia, and wallpaper image art, colosseum, and lights image beach, lifestyle, and spain image


fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image Image by Lucie Barbé fashion, style, and outfit image


aesthetic, black, and wallpaper image black and white, clouds, and landscape image art, painting, and aesthetic image


the beatles, beatles, and rose image bae, charlie puth, and puth image Drake image blonde, reebok, and weheartit image
The Beatles, Charlie Puth, Drake & Ariana Grande


actor, cantante, and dr house image stranger things, dustin, and eleven image friends, rachel, and f.r.i.e.n.d.s image affiche games of thrones image
House M.D., Stranger Things, Friends & Games Of Thrones


pizza and food image food, meatballs, and spaghetti image Image by Glamorous