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I know I haven't written an article in quite a long time but today I wanted to create an "I have nothing to wear lookbook". But what does that mean?

I am tired of seeing lookbooks which are full of looks that you either can't wear in your everyday life or they are pretty expensive.

So I decided to create a lookbook with some different styles which could be created with more basic clothes that most of you might have in your closet.

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Blazers, coats and jackets

Give a classy and androgynous style to your look by adding a blazer or a coat. For example:

black drink fashion Superthumb


Cosy outfits are really cute and oversized sweaters and hoodies are always a good and comfortable idea.

clothes blonde fashion Superthumb


Whether you want a classy look or a clean one, blouses are a really nice choice.

fashion fashion fashion Superthumb

Skirt alert

Skirts are really cute and girly so combined with a crop top they give a nice look so why not try it?

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Total black

Black is not a sad colour. You don't need to be sad or going to funeral to wear it. It is chic, it is casual and beautiful.

Superthumb bag fashion article

Jeans for days

Jean the most basic but still stylish choice. You can create so many styles. Jeans can be combined with almost everything so there are countless styles you can create.

fashion coffee fashion denim


That was it, thank you for reading it.

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