Most of the people love dogs, just as I do. Dogs are even better company sometimes than humans. They give you the love you need, they will not blame you for your decisions or will not criticise you about how much you have eaten. Animals as a whole living creatures are really freaking amazing! But lets talk now only about dogs , our best friends and family members.

So, you can now take a look at some of the breeds , which I find the best
( all dogs are super cute, but sadly, there is not enough place for all of them)

1* Yorkies
Yorkshire terriers are really so damn cute and also very smart, they are very active and could click into every household. Also their friendly personality gives them the opportunity to love children and other dogs. The popularity about these dogs is rising every year because of their beauty and exceptional nature.

Typical is that their furr is not the same as by the other dogs, therefore it is more similar to human hair.

animal, couple, and dog image animals, baby, and dogs image

2* Dalmatian
Another gorgeous dog. With his typic black spots on white furr can't be unseen. The personality is also active but can be coordinated.
As we remember from our childhood, 101 dalamtians, who can resist?

dog, puppy, and animal image dog, cute, and puppy image

3* Frenchies
These little babys are perfect for a family with small kids, the will love them! French bulldogs have diffrent colours and sizes. Mostly as adults the weight is about 5-6kg.

dog, cute, and animal image dog, cute, and puppy image

4* Boo dog
You definitely heard about the dog called boo . The full name is pomeranian boo, and you can find the version with long or short furr.

Image by Patricia Correia Durães Image by nur

5* Poodle

Poodles are inteligent and can be trained very easy. There are also more options which type of this breed fits to you the most. From the complete petit (2kg) ones to large-sized (20kg)

dog, animal, and puppy image adorable, animal, and cutie image

6* Doberman
Majestic ,very strong type of dog, which is perfect for guarding. They need a good traning first, just because their dynamical actions.
The primal colour is black with brown fragments.

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7* Ridgeback
These dogs have origins in Africa, where they were breeding for the lion hunting. Their senses are very cultivated , now they are used as guarding dogs. The full name is rhodesian ridgeback and its typic because of the ridge on their back.

rhodesian ridgeback image dogs and puppy image

8* German Shepherd
This breed is absolutely the top 1 for house guarding.
Pros : that they are very friendly and loving. They can be dangerous when they try to protect their keeper, but it's kinda expected.

dog, animals, and mountains image animals, dog, and german shepherd image

9* Husky
Siberian husky, as we may see in its name, these dogs come from the cold snow covered Siberia. They are recognisable for their beautiful blue eyes and body covered in black&white colour. The look of a wolf gives them respect and strength.

dog, husky, and animal image dog, husky, and puppy image

10* Shitzu
As the last one I choose shitzu, the small furrball from china. They are so sweet I could eat them. You can teach them differnt tricks , they are playful and full of energy .

puppy, shih tzu, and cute image dog, cute, and animal image

That's all for now! I really hope you enjoyed reading this article.
Bye bye
Luccill ❤