Welcome back everybody,
Thanks for all the heart you gave me precedently. I really appreciate all of them. So today as we can read, I'm going to talk about love.

What's love? I mean, love is different for everyone. Love can be friendship or a love relation with someone. And sometimes, when you fall in love with somebody, it could happen that this person doesn't love you.
It breaks your sweet and little heart and you cry all the tears of your body. It can take a day or a week to be completely cured of a heartbreak. But some people need more time. I'm in this category of people. To forget a guy, my first love, it took me a half year. In fact, I don't remember... I just turn the page when I arrived in the Sixth form. I know it's easier to forget someone when you let everything behind to restart your life. But not anyone can do this.

Today, I'm stuck again. The same person has come back in my life. And I can't stop thinking of him. We aren't in the same secondary school but... we aren't far away from each other. I can see his school through the window of mine. But this is not the most important point of this story. He came back to me a couple of months ago without no reason. It was when I was completely tired, stressed, worried about my exams and others personal things. He was sweet and kind as I knew him before. But recently he just fucked up.

In the beginning, he tried to flirt a little bit and now... He stops to talk to me. Worst he is ignoring even if he sees me. Why? I've got no idea.

The first day when I saw him ignoring me, I lost my happiness and feel instantaneously angry. Now, I feel sad... I can't stop thinking about what he did. "I'm not a tosser," he said to me the first time I told him that I fall in love with him. Sorry, or not, because today you are officially a big tosser. I won't see him. I try to avoid him. I try to not thinking of him. I think I try everything but I've got the impression to do anything. I feel weak, stupid, useless... And this time I'm not in love with him. What's wrong with me... But I guess I'm not this kind of person.It's just him who makes me feel like this. Surprisingly, I don't hate him. I thought he could be a friend but he is too stupid to see the same thing as me.
And I absolutely don't remember how I did to forget him before. So I try to avoid him. To see other people who can make me smile and feel good. I must delete our stupid conversation. Turn the page another time again. Think positively. Maybe I should try to keep on some hope around other boys... I don't know. Thanks God, it's almost the holidays!

I hope I help you. I still ask myself about what's wrong with me and the guys. Is there someone with the same problem as me? I feel quite unconfortable with boys. I've got also a little story about a friendship that I had to forget so if you want to talk about this or get some tips, you can send me a postcard! I'm very kind and I don't usually bite. I mean... I'll be difficult with the screen. I don't want to break my computer.

Cheers x