the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.
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Dear Flowers,

We've all been there: feeling like we're mean. I'm sometimes mean and later I hate myself for it. Like, if you're being kind you'll never regret that. But it's hard to be kind when you're living with people who aren't as kind as you are.

Sometimes people say to me ; "If they aren't kind to you then you don't need to be kind to them." But for me it doesn't make any sense. You hate it when people are mean to you so why would you reflect their personality? You can be so much more than that! Show them that you're better than saying those mean stuff. Every human being got a little dark and a little light in their hearts but if you feed the dark with being mean it will only grow bigger and bigger. The heart can't grow so the light (the kindness and hapiness) will only be smaller and maybe even fade away and before you know it, you'll be mean and it would be in your personality.

I don't know about you, but I for myself don't want to be called mean or to even hear something along the lines of it. So let me help you with trying to be kind even to people who don't deserve it, but remember you're being kind because you are kind and not them. Besides your life will be much and much better when you're kind! So shall we?

Dont let it control you

Don't let your feelings control you when you're being angry or sad. I know a lot of people who are mean when they are sad or angry. Before you know it you'll tell your friend that she's ugly and that she shouldn't wear this dress because it makes her look more afwul than she is....Well, I can tell you that I hated myself for saying that and I still do, because she isn't ugly and that dress was actually beautiful, but I hated myself because the look she gave me. It was a look that told me that she was hurt. My friend forgave because she's just that kind and forgeviness friend I could ever ask for, but still I can't take my words back. They will be there and because of me she don't want to wear that dress anymore even when I told her a thousand times that its beautiful. So please flowers don't be like me and control your feelings! I've learned from my mistakes and I hope you flowers will learn from it and don't have to make the same mistake I made.


Forgeviness, forgeviness and forgeviness! Flowers you don't know how much this will help you. When people hurt you, you just need to forgive. I know it sound easy, but it isn't. It's actually one of the hardest thing to do, but just think about how not so you perfect you are and if you make a mistake you would love the person to forgives you for it! So be that person you want for yourself! A loving, kind and forgiveness person.

A little act

Feel free to give compliments all the time and to everybody even when you don't know them. This little act of kindness gives people a lot of confidence and can make their day a lot better. Don't be scared to give compliments to strangers, they won't think you are weird for giving them a compliment or something, they would love it!


Be positive. It rains? Good for the flowers! Somebody did something bad to you? Good I was trying to forgive people so this isn't bad. A challenge is never bad. Try to see every little good thing in every situation.

Love yourself

Love yourself because if you don't love yourself it would be hard to love anybody else. If you are insecure you can feel jealousy towards anybody else. Jealousy is a normal feeling but don't let it over power you because it would put you in a negative mood all the time. Just be happy with who you are and be thankful. Things you have are somethings other people want. So love your lovely self and be thankful about it.


Speak good or remain silent. If you can't be kind or don't feel like being kind just be quiet.

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If you do all those things, kindness and good words will come out your mouth like it's your mother language. Also you'll have a bubbly positive aura and it will be only sunshine and flowers. Even the dark days will have a little light.
So let your light shine!!

I hope this will help and that you can be kind to those who aren't.

Until then I wish you all the best this world can give you.

Stay Beautiful,