Here are 10 healthy foods that I eat every week, some of them almost every day or even more than once in one day. Keep in mind that the foods are listed in random order.


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Benefits: They are full o dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals. They also help to improve the functioning of the digestive tract.

Favorites: Banana, apple, avocado (I obviously eat other fruit but these two I eat all the time)

When I eat them: Usually for breakfast or a healthy snack.

How I eat them:
1. Breakfast + banana = I use banana as a topping for my oatmeal or mush it in while cooking the oatmeal
2. Breakfast + banana = I mush them into pancake batter or use them as a topping
3. Breakfast/snack + banana = I mush it into cottage cheese (with a fork if I'm lazy but usually with a stick hand blender 'cause I get a very smooth texture like I'm eating some king od sweet cream - It's soooo good! Or a use it as a topping for (skyr) yoghurt.
4. Breakfast + avocado = I make avocado toast, obviously.
5. Snack + apple = I usually eat an apple for a snack 'cause apples tend to make me feel very full. Sometimes I eat it with a side of nuts or peanut butter and sprinkle the apple slices with cinnamon (I love cinnamon. Cinnamon = life).


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Benefits: They improve your overall health and keep the internal vital organs in perfect condition. The consumption of vegetables takes care of your digestive, excretory, and skeletal system, as well as blood pressure levels. They are full of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre.

Favorites: Green salad, brussels sprouts (my absolute fav veggie in the whole wide world), broccoli, cauliflower, pickles, tomatoes or bell peppers (Once again: I eat other veggies too but these ones I eat most of the time)

When I eat them: _Sometimes at breakfast but usually for lunch and dinner.

How I eat them:
Breakfast + veggies: I usually don't eat them at breakfast but when I do it's with eggs or as a topping or side for avocado toast (tomatoes & pickles - yes, I eat pickles with my avocado toast, I'm weird like that).
Lunch + veggies: _This is when I eat veggies most of the time. It's either as a side dish (just cooked veggies or in some kind of sauce like tomato sauce or soy sauce etc.) or it's already a part of the main one (like risotto or sth).
Dinner + veggies: For dinner I sometimes mix the veggies into an egg omelette or scrambled eggs, or I eat them as a side dish (tomatoes, bell peppers, pickles)


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Benefits: Oats are among the healthiest grains on earth. They're a gluten-free whole grain and a great source of important vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. The benefits of eating oats also include weight loss, lower blood sugar levels and a reduced risk of heart disease.

When I eat it: Most of the time for breakfast but sometimes even for dinner.

How I eat it:
Breakfast + oats: _Oatmeal. Yep, I make oatmeal. But I usually add some other things to it so it gives it more flavour (for example: mashed banana, cocoa powder, maca powder, cinnamon - how can you not add cinnamon, chia seeds, flax seeds (grounded) ...). I sometimes serve it only with a topping of different seeds, peanut butter and banana slices, but I usually eat it as a side with cottage cheese (mixed with banana) or skyr yoghurt.
Dinner + oats: I sometimes cook my oats and add a little all-purpose seasoning and top the oats with two eggs sunny side up + some veggies I have on hand.

Wholegrain bread/ protein bread

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Benefits: Whole grains can contain a lot of fiber, they help digestion, they can help lower cholesterol, they lower blood pressure, they can help control weight, they redistribute fat, they make you feel full, they help regulate blood sugar, they deliver essential minerals + they also contain some important vitamins.

Favorites: rye bread, spelt bread, buckwheat bread, protein bread

When I eat it: Usually for breakfast or dinner.

How I eat it:
Breakfast + wholegrain bread: I toast two or more slices of bread (depends on the thickness and how big the slices are). I usually spread peanut butter on it (additional toppings: banana slices, coconut shreds, cocoa powder, some kind of syrup - I use Fiber syrup that is sugarless and has lots of fibre).
Dinner + wholegrain/(but most of the time:) protein bread: I usually eat it as a side with eggs or spread hummus on it. Sometimes I eat bread with cottage cheese spread on and slices of smoked salmon + obviously a side of some veggies.

Nuts and 100% peanut butter

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Benefits: Nuts are a great source of many good nutrients, they are loaded with antioxidants, they can help you lose weight, they can lower cholesterol and triglycerides, they are beneficial for type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome, they can help help reduce inflammation and they are also high in fibre.

When I eat them: With breakfast or as a snack.

How I eat them:
Breakfast + peanut butter/nuts: I usually spread peanut butter on my toast or top my oatmeal with it, but sometimes I use nuts (any kind I have) instead of PB as a topping for my oatmeal.
Snack + peanut butter/nuts: I snack on nuts as a side with a sliced apple (sprinkled with cinnamon), sometimes I put peanut butter on my apple slices instead of eating nuts as a snack.

Favorites: My fav peanut butter is by the brand Myprotein. It's really good and you can choose a smooth or crunchy version. They come in 1kg packing so I order them when they have a 2+1 for free sale. This way I end up with 3kg of peanut butter for a really good price.
My fav nuts are peanuts (I just think that they are more flavourful than other nuts), but I also love hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, macadamia nuts...

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