Hi there!
Welcome to my university guide.
Btw. sorry for my grammar mistakes (english isn't my first language).
I'll make specific articles of each of the following advices later :)


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Probably the most important thing about university, is to choose your career wisely. This one should something your´re really passionate about and you don't mind spending the rest of your life doing (just like choosing your husband haha). You're going to be learning about this every single day from now so you really need to be interested of learning everything about it.


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Something that has really helped me out is planning my week ahead. I usually spent my Saturday or Sunday doing every assignment of the week so I just need to study on weekdays.
Making a weekly plan on Sunday, and making a list every morning of what you need to do that day, it's really helpful. And please, write everything you need to do and when you do it, cross it out. Try not to get behind because it gets overwhelming.
You can do this in a notebook or you can look for an app that makes you comfortable.


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In college, this is really important. Try to surround yourself with people that will make you a better person. You don't have to have just one group of friends but choose wisely with which group you should do class projects, studying, homework, etc. and with whom you should go out and have fun.
They have to make you feel comfortable and happy and never let you feel down.


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We all know that eating healthy in college is very difficult but we can at least try. The food you eat in will make a strong impact in you energy and concentration. You can prepare simple recipes the night before to take with you the next day. You can look for this in youtube videos (really helped me a lot), or apps. Bento boxes are a really good choice.
Don't skip breakfast. At least make a smoothie or do some overnight oats.
And please, don't get too excited with coffee and energy drinks.
Do exercise at least 2 or 3 times a week. Even a 10-minute workout will do it. And again... there's a lot of apps, videos and e-books to help you with this.
Extra tip: Keep with you a water bottle all day long and some healthy snacks like veggies or protein bars.


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Please don't. You know what I'm talking about. Just don't.
Make a monthly bucket and just spend your money on REALLY necessary things. Divide your money and save part of it.
Have some cash in your wallet only for emergencies and if it's necessary, leave your debit/credit card in your house.


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Following all the previous tips, you need to (specially) take care of yourself. Take some rest and don't push yourself too hard because you'll get exhausted, demotivated and even sick so, relax. Obviously be responsible and work hard but make time for your hobbies, have fun with family and friends and treat yourself right because you deserve it.
Be good and remember you're worth of everything if you fight for it. Everyone fails, but failures leads us to success.
So, be happy and kind to everyone :)