Hi dear hearter,

Sometimes, I realy get bored, and during those times, I can't find something to do. So I search articles to help me or I just still bored. I found some things to avoid this situation. So I wanted share it with you, and well, it will maybe help you.

1. take care of yourself

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Take a bath, make masks for the face, exfoliate your skin from the body, relax, do hair care, do you a manicure...
In short take a little time just for you, to pamper yourself.

2. take care of your place

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Store your things, clean up your place. Change your furniture, redecorate, add plants...
Improve your environment, so it will be healthy and make you feel it as well and cozy. Make your place unique, just like you are.

3. organize your work or school stuff

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This will help you to be more efficient, and get your head off by taking a break from your school or work-related preoccupations.

4. clean and organize your closet

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Sort out your clothes, get rid of those you do not wear anymore, or that are too damaged.
Then arrange it logically, by color, genre, season, material, whatever you want.
This will make space, and will facilitate your choice of outfits.

5. gardening and / or take care of your pet

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Take some peaceful time to gardening, it will keep you busy and bring you the satisfaction of see plants grow up thanks to you.
If you have a pet (any kind of pet) take care of them a little bit more than usual. Clean their cage or basket perfectly, arrange it in a comfortable and pretty way. made it take a bath, brush it, take a walk with it, bring it to a parc or something, play with it, teatch it tricks...

6. plan a journey for the next week end or holidays

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Contrary to what people use to think, you can travel for realy cheap (especialy if you live in europe). What about going on another city or in countryside, or maybe on a beach next week end ? Maybe you can go there with some friends ? Plan it now will keep you busy and will motivate you to be independent, and to go thru your week. It doesn't need to be in a foreign country, just somewhere different that you use to be.

7. go for a walk

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If you realy haven't anything to do at home, well leave it for a moment. Go take a walk of 1 hour or 2, on the streets or in the countryside if you can, or maybee in a park.
You will aerate your mind, see people and beautifull outdoors things, and at the same time, do sport. Sounds like a good plan isn't it ?

8. go shopping

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Even if you don't buy anything, it can be fun to see the new trends, can give you ideas for your own outfits, and distract you for a bit.

9. go to the museum

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In addition to distracting you, it will educate you, and may inspire you.

10. go for a ride on a bike

girl, white, and bike image girl, summer, and bike image blonde, summer, and bicycle image bike, flowers, and vintage image

Just like going for a walk, it will give you fresh air, plus a bike ride can be very pleasant.

11. try hula hoop or skating

girl, skateboard, and summer image black, white, and skate image girl, tattoo, and hooper image blue, girl, and pastel image

Try a new hobby. I mentioned skateboard and hula hoop because I pactice it and it's so much fun, plus it can be practice almost everywhere (especially the hula hoop). It will be so much fun to try new things and well, maybe you gonna realy love it, who know ?

12. listen music and dance

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We all did this in our life. Put the music super loud in our room, and dance in pyjama. And honeslty didn't you had fun ?

13. play or learn to play an instrument

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Just like trying a new hobby, you can try to play an instrument. It will keep you busy everysingle time you could be bored and bring you so much satisfaction when you will be able to actualy play something good.

14. learn a new language

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Develop new skills. We talked about playing an instrument, try new hobby, and now I propose you to learn a new language. It will keep you busy for sure. And it will be realy helpfull. It's realy interesting, and give you another perspective about life. Because with new language, come new culture, and new life interpretation and new way of living. Plus thanks to this new skills you gonna be able to connect with new people.

15. draw or write

art, drawing, and draw image Image by Paola Fragoso

Create things. I said draw and write but every other artsy acitivity is good. Express yourself or just create something completly new.

16. meditate and try yoga

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It will distracting you, help you to take some distance with your problems and you sad feelings, and distracting you.

17. write an article

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Talk about something you like and you want share, or just do some tag / challenge, I garante you, it will keep you busy and you will forgot about being bored.

18. cook

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Can be fun, and it will make every person you live with happy to find some crêpes or waffles in the kitchen ;)

19. watch a movie or a series

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I think we all knew this "trick" to avoid boredom.

20. read a book

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That's all for today, hope this article helped you, or gave you some ideas.

A plus !