I really don’t understand it anymore. I don’t get that, yes you talk to a guy… But he JUST wants to talk, he does not want a relationship. Come on! It bothers me because he’s all sweet and nice and flirty with you. But he doesn’t ask you how your day is going, how you’re doing. Even tho you asked him… like is it that hard to just say and you?. Yes I’m bothered by that. If you care about a person, you would ask, not just trying to get laid. Maybe with some girls it works. It does not work with me.

And I hate myself for believing every single fucking guy, thinking they really like me or something like that. Nooo, I’m usually just like a bus stop from one girl to another one, just that they aren’t alone. Yeah, thank you for using me. Thank you for making me think that I have a chance. Thank you!

I fucking hate it. And as much as you’re asking them do you say that to every girl? every time the answer is noo, of course not, only to you or even better do you really think I would ask every girl that. You know what yes, yes, I do think that. Why would I be asking you, if I didn’t think that!

And when a new guy comes by, and you think he’s going to be different. `Oh, honey, you thought wrong!`

Note: This was written out of anger. So, please, excuse my language and other stupid stuff. Thank you.

Love, K

22.02.2018 // 16:11